Middle East Water Forum

Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser
  • Dr. Emad Al Shudifat

    Field of Expertise: Wastewater treatment and technology expert

    E-mail: shudifat2005@yahoo.fr

    Emad Al Shudifat is astute and resourceful professional with doctoral degree in Water Engineering from AgroParisTech in France.

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  • Dr. Abdulrahman ibn Muhammad ibn Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim

    Field of Expertise: Water and Energy/ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    Advisor to HH the Chairman of TAQNIA and the President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

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  • Dr. Othman Al-Mashaqbeh

    Field of Expertise: Wastewater and Water Pollution Expert/ Royal Scientific Society

    E-mail: othman.mashaqbeh@rss.jo

    Othman Al-Mashaqbeh holds a PhD in Water Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney, 2010. 

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  • Sunil Murlidhar Shastri

    Field of Expertise: Ocean and Environmental Governance;

    E-mail: sunil@oceangovernance.org

    Sunil is an independent consultant, expert and speaker in ocean and environmental governance. 

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  • Eng. Ahmad Ali Alnoubani

    Field of Expertise: Environmental and Climate Change

    E-Mail: ahmad_noubani@hotmail.com

    A highly active and a passionate environmental specialist, who possesses analytical thinking and innovative skills in developing exceptional ideas

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  • Eng.Zain Al-Majed

    Field of Expertise: Environmentalist

    E-mail: z.elmajed@hotmail.com

    As a passionate environment and water engineer, she worked over many years on sustainable development, strategies and plans related to environmental protection.

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  • Eng. Susan Kilani

    Field of Expertise: Water Quality and Standards

    E-mail: susan.kilani@gmail.com

    Eng. Susan Kilani holds a Master of Science in Hydrogeology from the University College London- England (1997) and a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Jordan (1984).

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  • Eng.Hassan Aboalnaga

    Field of Expertise: Urban Water Supply Expert

    E-mail: htolba1@outlook.com

    Hassan is a PhD researcher at the University of Kassel and TH Köln in Germany with a particular interest in urban water security issues including IWRM and Non-Revenue Water Management, and Wastewater Reuse.

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  • Dr. Jarrah Alzubi

    Field of Expertise: Institutional Set Up and Capacity Building

    E-mail: jarzubi@hotmail.com

    Jarrah is a certified TOT for Water Integrity and Governance as well as Certified International Trainer on Leaders for Excellence and assessors.

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  • Dr Hazim El-Naser

    Field of Expertise: Water Resources Management Expert

    E-mail: Hazim.Elnaser@mewf.de

    Dr. Hazim El Naser earned his Post-Doctorate studies in Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis from Harvard University-USA in 1996. PhD from the Technical University of Munich and Wüerzburg University/Germany in Groundwater Resources, 1991

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