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The minute the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiations started between the three parties, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, talks falter, delay, and fuelled the differences again. It seems that… More
معالي الدكتور حازم تنبهت مبكرا إلى الآثار الجانبية للبناء السد دون التنسيق مع دول الحوض وها هي النتيجة مزيدا من الفرد والتعنت من الجانب الاثيوبي
كل الاحترام والتقدير للمعاليك
Great follow up, I hope the best for Egypt
Great article, but it is so complex crisis and can not imagine a solution will be easy
Nice article, the situation becoming worst. Hope the best for all the parties
Hope this issue will be solved peacefully between the brothers
Thanks for the nice article, It is a fair analysis and hope the best for all
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Thank you Dr. Hazim for thinking about our country in this difficult period
Thank you for the study, it helps a lot
wonderful study, thanks for the nice work
Thank you Dr El-Naser for keeping the nice work
I am following your article and happy to see that you have such a nice place to read your articles
You are welcome my dearest friends
All the best from Iraq. Thank you Dr. Hazim of thinking about our water issues
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I like the presentation, hope I could hear the details of it
Great presentation, thanks for sharing...
Thank you for the nice presentation.
That is really full of information
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Dr. Hazim El-Naser Chairman of the Middle East Water Forum Former Minister of Water and Irrigation / Jordan Former Minister of Agriculture / Jordan Former Member of the Jordanian Parliamen… More
Thank you Dr. Hazim for this great article. There is no coherent political economy behind this plan or behind anything to do with this deal. That will be never accepted but it will take another stage of time to understand that
Down The Deal of The Century
Thanks for this great article about the reality of this deal but what do you expect from a republican president. His party believes the word 'compromise' means 'we get everything, Arab give up everything.'
Thank you for sharing such a nice and in-depth analysis of water in the deal .
This is the first deal plan which does not include one of the adversarial parties. This plan is between the USA and Israel. The Palestinians will have to get their own peace plan with one of their best friends. In this way, each party will have their own plan with a Friend. Sorry if my comment is not relevant but really this deal is unfair
Thank you Dr. Hazim for such great article. The deal of Shame will never be accepted.

Thank you for the very nice article I read it today in this link https://www.globalresearch.ca/deal-century-hidden-secrets/5703905
and then when I search about the author's name found this nice and wonderful forum. Very great job guys professional and seamless forum. I will post and use it for my research.
Thank you all and welcome to the Middle East Water Forum. We need as well your active participation?
Congratulation for the nice work really sold an article and in-depth analysis. The hidden secrets are hard to believe or accept
An in-depth study, thank you, I have learned a lot and could not believe that anyone will accept such shameful deal
Very good study, thank you. No one will agree, it so bad deal guys.
All these hidden information are so scary.
Thank you for your study
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There is no doubt that Arab water security in general has begun a new phase of attention and concern, especially after the Arab region has witnessed many problems and political unrest in the last few … More
That is really very very wonderful article. I got to understand the issue and also how one can tackle the problem. I am also hope the best for Egypt and also Ethiopia.
Dear Dr. Hazim El Naser
Thank you for this nice article. It is very informative and very well written.
Thank you for sharing such information
Indeed that is very nice article. The issue is stated in nice way and some hints are given for solving the issue. I think desalination is the last think that egypt has to thing about.
That is great article.
I hope both countries will find good solution.
Great efforts Dr. Hazem. I think water specialists in our region needed to pay more attention to transpondery water related issues.
water is a boarders cutting issue, and it's being a power game.
Very interesting article and hope the best for both countries.
Great article, like it and learn from it
thank you
Thank you Dr. Hazim,
This article is so good to read and understand the issue.
You also gave hints and solutions which should be really considered in any negotiation
Thank you all for the comments
wonderful article I learned a lot
wonderful job
wonderful job
Nice article but now we need update things got worst than what we had expected
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The vast majority of utilities in the Arab World still managed by governments and their respective  water utilities. International organizations, consultants and financing banks tried o… More
I read this article and I believe we need to go ahead with PSP as it is more save.
This is indeed very important article and we should do something about this issue ASAP.
Great article, thanks for sharing such information
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Dr. Hazim El-Naser Chairman of the Middle East Water Forum Former Minister of Water and Irrigation / Jordan Former Minister of Agriculture / Jordan Former Member of the Jordanian Parliamen… More
Very Nice article. I have enjoyed reading and learning more info about what is going in the Arab Region.
Thank you Dr. Hazim for such nice contribution.
Although the article is not long but contains great information about the groundwater in the Arab region. A very rich and interesting subject
Thank you Dr. Hazem Al-Nasser, the expert and the great teacher
Very nice article Dr. Hazim,
You are a great person and like to read all your publication.
When i see that you are the owner of this system then i know it should be nice and it is really more than nice.
I have never seen something organized and clean like this system.
I wish you all the success
Dr. Fadel
Dr Fadel, We need your contribution to the Middle East Water Forum
Thank you Michael Dorschi, we need your valuable contribution
Great article Dr. Hazim on one of the important topics on water security. GW in the region is out of sight, out of mind that needs new policies and agreements on this transboundary resource.
a very valuable article with long term vision and scientific assessment of the current situation, all the best
I like reading this article and learn more about the water issue in the Arab Region.
That is great article and hope we can learn from it and try to fix such great issues.
Thank you Dr. Hazim El-Naser for writing such article. I also like your forum, it is so nice one... Congratulation.
Wonderfull article, I will contribute to this forum.
I was looking for such forum since long time and finally I am happy to find such a wonderful one to share ideas and contribute. All the best for your guys, great job
Laila from USA
Dear Liala-1
Welcome to MEWF, looking forward to your contribution
Many thanks Dr Hazim for the interesting and valuable topic. To add to your article, proper governance on the national and sectoral level is a key issue. Water utilities in the Arab region are controlled by the central government in terms of tariff and investments and thus highly affecting utility performance.
An effective and independent regulatory framework can support improving efficiency and protect both water utilities and customers. On the national level, regulatory entities can protect water utilities by proposing fair tariff to ensure cost recovery of the utility which will result improved level of service and sustainability of investments. This will be implemented under a performance monitoring scheme to ensure utilities are operated in the most efficient way.
On the sectoral level, regulator will provide a base for and improved PPPs by supporting utilities in selecting proper PPP model, preparing contracts, and setting performance targets. The regulator is a key factor to ensure risks are shared between utilities and the private sector and this will promote for an effective partnership with the private sector which will be reflected on utility operation and level of service.
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Aquifer contract: New mode of sustainable groundwater governance     By: Eng Charafat Afailal Former Minister in Charge of Water, Morocco Former member of Moroccan&rsquo… More
Thank you your excellency for raising this important regional issue.
This is the most important challenge facing water sectors of the Arab Countries in the near future, which is the dry up of their very precious aquifers.
Countries will have to pay huge financial resources to substitute this natural resource in case of depletion, unless immediate tough and serious water measures are taken !!!!!!
That is very interesting article, I will share it in my wall. It is needed almost in all arabic countries. Thank you for your sharing such powerful information. Johans
Great article! There is a significant need to pump the right mix of strategies on groundwater in the Arab region!
We have to think out of the box, excess energy generated by renewable resources (PV) during peak times can be used to produce / desal water for groundwater recharge.
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In order to reduce the environmental impact of produced water management, a wetland system has been installed in the Sultanate of Oman. The facility reduces the disposal of hydrocarbon polluted produc… More
This is the kind of technologies we need which is suitable to our environment and problem.
That is very advanced technology, i was looking for such technology and well contact you to get more information
Thanks for sharing such good news, looking forward to hearing about more similar technologies being implemented.
80% of the world's wastewater is released to environment without treatment, #wetlands function as filters, absorbing pesticides & chemicals & filtering sewage - they are a very effective solution for #water purification and security
There is a successful story of treating oilfield waste water using wetlands in Oman developed by ICBA.
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By: Susan M.F.A Kilani Email: susan.kilani@gmail.com Mobile: +962795600505 Radioactivity in general: Radioactive decay (also known as nuclear decay, radioactivity or nuclear radiation) is … More
very nice.