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Application of Silvertex® for House Water Supply
Published: 26th February 2019

Water preservation1 with silvertex® by installation in water tanks and cisterns with self-sufficient water supply over a longer period of time or direct water feed into the tanks from the water network in single-family, multi-family houses and public facilities.

Problem Self-sufficient water supply or additional temporary storage is used wherever the public water network is not extensively developed or when the water pressure provided by the water companies is insufficient to supply households on higher floors with water.
As the moist surroundings of these tanks are an optimal breeding ground for germs, mold and bacteria quickly multiply inside and form biofilms. Those germs, released into the air (e.g. by the shower) or digested can cause discomforts such as diarrhea or pneumonia. In order to keep the water germ-free, it has to be disinfected by a with a high energy and chemical expense.

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