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Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser
The 2nd Round of game-based simulation of negotiations over the transboundary river–aquifer systems
Published: 30th October 2021

In the 1st Round of negotiations, the Parties voluntarily came to the negotiating table. With a neutral facilitator, they put forward their positions on their water needs from the transboundary system - an inter-connected river-aquifer. They stated their preference for the way ahead - one Party proposed an MoU, the other Party preferred a more formal treaty form of agreement. Both Parties stated that basic data and information about the river aquifer needed to be updated before further steps could be taken. Round 2 of the negotiations will take place 5 (simulated) years on. What has transpired between the two States? Have the demands for water increased? Have the conditions changed? Has the hydrological-sociological-ecological- economy data been better collected? How will the two Parties approach this new round of negotiations! To hear the answer to this - a webinar will be held on the 29th Oct 1500 – 1630 Stockholm time. If you would like to join a discussion group dedicated to the governance of transboundary water resources, please join the following group: https://groups.google.com/g/transboundary-river-aquifer-governance/about