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Some years back, the former head of Black & Veatch’s water division Dan McCarthy said to me: “What we need is more utilities who are prepared to invest for performance.” It is … More
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Today, many countries are at risk of running out of water, especially in the Arab region – the most water scarce region in the world – with water availability now cited as one of the great… More
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There is no doubt that Arab water security in general has begun a new phase of attention and concern, especially after the Arab region has witnessed many problems and political unrest in the last few … More
Thank you all for the comments
Thank you Dr. Hazim,
This article is so good to read and understand the issue.
You also gave hints and solutions which should be really considered in any negotiation
Great article, like it and learn from it
thank you
Very interesting article and hope the best for both countries.
Great efforts Dr. Hazem. I think water specialists in our region needed to pay more attention to transpondery water related issues.
water is a boarders cutting issue, and it's being a power game.
That is great article.
I hope both countries will find good solution.
Indeed that is very nice article. The issue is stated in nice way and some hints are given for solving the issue. I think desalination is the last think that egypt has to thing about.
Dear Dr. Hazim El Naser
Thank you for this nice article. It is very informative and very well written.
Thank you for sharing such information
That is really very very wonderful article. I got to understand the issue and also how one can tackle the problem. I am also hope the best for Egypt and also Ethiopia.
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Introduction The history of treated wastewater re-uses dates back to early 1980’s after the construction of Kherbit As-Samra treatment plant (country’s largest plant) which treats signi… More
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Doha, Qatar - Address water scarcity or risk instability - that's the stark warning delivered to the Arab world by one of the region's leading experts on the issue. With parts of the r… More
Thank you Dr. Hazem for always towing us toward water issues; as it is one of the huge challenges in our region, it is a being issue. Public opinion is always busy with political conflicts and wars; ignoring water that maybe one day becomes the core of politics and life.
I like the interview and I learned from it.
Thank you
Dear All: We need your professional contribution to help our area in combating the water challenge.
The MEWF is a private non for profit initiative, completely independent and registered in Germany.
Yes nice interview! is this forum belong to the Jordanian government? or what organization is responsible for it ? it looks very professional and very powerful one.
Thank you
This is really nice interview. It addresses water issue in the middle east and hope we can do something about it.
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The United States Government has a history going back more than 50 years of strengthening water and sanitation infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. The region has the dist… More
Valuable information and thanks for the usaid for their support
I fully agree that most people in ME are not aware of such great achievements and contribution from USAID. public awareness is the key issue for all aspects.
Oh, I am happy to see my post is not banned. Usually my comments are never showed up in most blogs/forum. Thank you to accept my comment and will use your respective forum.
Agree with salameh to coordinate it with other donors and integrations are a challenging task
Excellent explanation of the USAID huge water program; thank you very much HE Dr. Hazem. I think that water ministries and utilities shall be strongly maintained to get the maximum benefits out of such programs, to coordinate it with other donors programs and to integrate it with its future plans.
This is a very big sustainability issue.
USAID is very powerful organization, they know what they are doing and very professional . Thank you USAID for all your support to Lebanon and all MENA region. There are a lot to do in our countries still...
I also would like to share the arabic version in my own blog. I will link it once it available.
Thank you for such nice work
The report is about MENA region so Palestine is include in the MENA countries but maybe they did not list it in this report because they do not have big project over there or maybe they have it in other report.
not sure but thanks for the USAID for such valuable contribution
looking forward for the arabic version. I am very interested in this post.
thank you for making this available
Very useful article. It is the first time to know about such US organization doting all these project in the MENA region but i agree with Mr. Aeead-Hillis where is Palestine in this report ?
+1 aeead-hillis
I see your post is there, I respect this Forum, it is open for every one.
First of all, I hope this forum is transparent and will accept my comments. 
As you know water scarcity could render Gaza uninhabitable by 2020.
I really appreciate the effort the USAID is doing for the arabic countries but why they stopped their support for Palestinian ? Even they did not list Palestine in their report. 
Again I hope MEWF will not banned my comment! 
Thank you 
Thank you very much Dr. Hazim for your quick answer.
I am really sure that arabic translation will be very helpful for non-english speaking.
Thank you again
Yes Tarq-Asad, the article under processing for professional translation into Arabic. It should be ready within the coming days. Thanks
Nice job USAID. what are you doing is really wonderful work
I have just read this report and indeed very happy to learn that such achievements has been conducted in the MENA region.
I do not know that USAID is doing all this work, really 1 million thanks
Yes, I agree with you, USAID is supporting Millions in our region, I hope this will continue... Thanks goes for USAID
I have read before that one important solution for jordan is to connect the red sea and dead sea with a canal, but what is the progress of this project? does the USAID is part of this solution. This could provide drinking water to all north part of jordan. 
I am an active user for this nice forum but interested in the arabic page. Why we do not have an Arabic translation. I have shared this article in my facebook page, but people asking for translation.
Please let me know if you will add arabic translation. I tries to use google translate but it is really so bad, it gives not clear text. thank you
Jordan and Lebanon have high priority for USAID’s water and sanitation! That is really interesting to know, i can not imagine what would be our situation without such support.
I am glad to see that the water programs at the top list of priorities of USAID in the ME. These programs benefit all layers of societies in particular needy people and Women. Actually, this is what we need water and education.
Dr Sam Khader
USAID is one of the largest aid agencies in the  MENA Region.  It contributes to several initiatives and regional programs in water and sanitation .  I found this article very insightful and informative as it gives some idea about  what USAID is doing in the MENA region. I would like to thank USAID for their vision and support for the middle east region. I believe  people in the Middle East are not fully aware of what USAID activities are!
Thanks for sharing such great insights from USAID on water security as a key to achieve the SDGs in MENA region. Investing in water security is critical to ensuring regional stability, promoting economic growth, and improve the daily lives for the residents of the MENA regions.
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The presence of E. coli in a water sample will often (but not always) mean that other excreta-related pathogens are also present. However, it is easier to measure E. coli concentrations and assume tha… More
great effort.. there is a potential to increase this barrier reduction through protection
Great article. Many thanks for sharing it
Thanks a lot for enlightening us, I think JVA and MOA should be fully aware of this important article
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A lack of joined up thinking on water resources and utility services has led to unsustainable water systems, says Tom Scotney.   This month’s Water Leader interview with Timothy … More
very interesting article, full of useful experience
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The vast majority of utilities in the Arab World still managed by governments and their respective  water utilities. International organizations, consultants and financing banks tried o… More
Great article, thanks for sharing such information
I read this article and I believe we need to go ahead with PSP as it is more save.
This is indeed very important article and we should do something about this issue ASAP.