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The minute the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiations started between the three parties, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, talks falter, delay, and fuelled the differences again. It seems that… More
Nice article, the situation becoming worst. Hope the best for all the parties
Great article, but it is so complex crisis and can not imagine a solution will be easy
Great follow up, I hope the best for Egypt
معالي الدكتور حازم تنبهت مبكرا إلى الآثار الجانبية للبناء السد دون التنسيق مع دول الحوض وها هي النتيجة مزيدا من الفرد والتعنت من الجانب الاثيوبي
كل الاحترام والتقدير للمعاليك
By Brightwork | Categories: New Technology | 19th June 2020
The legislative norms for treated wastewater discharge in terms of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P)  concentrations are becoming increasingly stringent in the EU region. Compliance with the conse… More
By Brightwork | Categories: New Technology | 18th June 2020
Our Sand-Cycle remote RFID monitoring portal has now been extended with an API access. This allows our customers to integrate the Sand-Cycle output into any local control system. Optimizing sand fil… More
that's really good and would solve so many operational problems
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 17th June 2020
Comments and Elaborations by Dr Hazim El-Naser, Chairman of the Middle east water Forum More
Thank you for the great talk. I also watched the video and enjoyed the discussion. Please more discussion is needed
Thank you, it is a wonderful event. Hope to see more webinars from you again
All the best for you speaker, great work, only hope if there was some translation in Arabic as a summary.
Thanks for the great work, I also watched the video and like it
Yes that is a great webinar, i have seen the video
By Brightwork | Categories: Water Articles | 11th June 2020
“Speed is of the essence”, with that motto in mind, BW Products rapidly provides a continuous sand filter in Wales. Within a few weeks this filter installation will be in operation by… More
Thanks for sharing such new technology, I believe we need it over here
On the website https://bwproducts.nl/ and https://sand-cycle.com/ you can found more demonstration about the technology.
Farah Al-Massri
@dr-hazim-el-naser-1. Yes, sure we can!
To which email adres can I send it?
Thank you for sharing, indeed good sand filters are so important over here. Hope to see more demonstration of the technology
Thank you for sharing, indeed good sand filters are so important over here. Hope to see more demonstration of the technology
Is there any demonstration of technology. I mean a real case scenario with results
Would be good, if you can post a proper technical article so we can share it with all registered member of MEWF 2000+
By ghaleb-akari-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 10th June 2020
My name is Ghaleb Akari and I am a doctoral candidate in the International Development Program- Political Science and Global Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi - USA.  Fo… More
thanks for sharring
I encourage MEWF members to participate in this survey so we can help Mr Akari to get the best results out of his research.
By dr-hazim-el-naser-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 5th June 2020
Palestine is not short on water - just the right to use it More
Great Article.
This is the truth that we need to hear. Thank you Dr. Shaddad
Yes, we should do something about that. Palestinian should have the right to control their water rescues
Thank you Dr. Shaddad for the nice article. The Israeli confiscation and control of Palestinian water resources is a defining feature of the Israeli occupation. I hope for peace for all parties ....
Thanks for sharing, yes if we stand together as a group then we can make an impact, water issue in Palestine is a serious matter.
Since there is an agreement between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine, then we should focus on that and raise this issue up everywhere and let the world hear us
Indeed, great article, Dr. Shaddad keep going one
Thanks Dr. Shaddad, great work, wish you all the best
Agree, great article, thanks for sharing
Yes, Palestine is not short of water or anything but it is the occupation. This is a good article indeed
This MEWF is a wonderful platform I hope they keeping the nice work...
Nice article: the bottom line is that the occupation is the cause of water issue
oh Palestine it has been abandoned but this is temporary. I hope things will be better soon.
The water made available to us in Gaza is not even fit for human consumption, That is so sad god bless Palestine
Great article, and respective minister.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted major reflection and attention on the global food system. While the science is currently uncertain, the pandemic may have arisen from an animal source in wet ma… More
Helpful article
thank you
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Please click here to view or download the full article More
All the best from Iraq. Thank you Dr. Hazim of thinking about our water issues
You are welcome my dearest friends
Thank you Dr El-Naser for keeping the nice work
I am following your article and happy to see that you have such a nice place to read your articles
wonderful study, thanks for the nice work
Thank you for the study, it helps a lot
Thank you Dr. Hazim for thinking about our country in this difficult period
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When attempting to solve a Rubik’s cube most people pick a colour and complete one face of the cube before moving on to the next. While this approach is fun, it is ultimately doomed to fail, bec… More