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By raya | Categories: Water Articles | 8th January 2022
Journal Paper by Jonathan Chenoweth and Raya A. Al-Masri, Desalination, Volume 526, Article 115522, March 2022   ABSTRACT Global desalination capacity is set to increase substantially… More
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Global Water Policy More
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Our poster at ISARM - International Shared Aquifer Resources Conference More
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By hassan-aboelnga-1 | Categories: Water Articles | 27th November 2021
Water utilities provide access to safe drinking water, a complex challenge in an increasingly thirsty world. Here, Dr. Hassan Aboelnga and Prof. Dragan Savić discuss the multifaceted nature of this ch… More
By Brightwork | Categories: Water Articles | 24th November 2021
Do you know this feeling, when you are faced with a problem in your water or waste water treatment plant which cannot wait to be solved, as it is directly impacting your businesses?  The stress, … More
By ma-ning | Categories: New Technology | 11th November 2021
The MEMBRANE ( PORE SIZE 0.1μm and 0.5μm) can be widely used in water treatment(especially in Pre-RO treatment ). The following sizes are available: 1046L*250W*6mmT, 540L*25… More
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Glasgow Climate Conference... What does climate change mean for Jordan? More
By Brightwork | Categories: New Technology | 20th October 2021
''Collaborating to help using our global water resources respectfully'' starts with sharing knowledge. Do you use continuous sand filtration as part of your water or wastewater trea… More