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Great study, it is my field and learned from it
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With more than 2.7 million inhabitants, Sous Massa is the sixth most populated region in Morocco, with significant socio-economic development potential, based mainly on agricultural and tourist activi… More
Nice study, I agree the public awareness is very important factor to reduce water scarcity but also limiting the rate of population growth could help in all water-stressed areas.
Thank you for sharing this article. This is really a common problem in the Arab world. I believe you can not tell Arab to limit the rate of the population. But sure awareness is N1 of the solution.
Thanks, that is really a great article and like the solution. for me , the immediate cessation of the watering of public green spaces and tourist complexes using freshwater resources is very important but we need policies from the government, and they should really make strict policies so we can see the impact.
Thank you for publishing this study I agree with Abdalla-baz we need strict policies from the government for these tourist complexes watering of public green spaces using freshwater. This should be stopped
+1 strict policies
Bravo madame Charafat bon courage et bon chance
Nice article agree unless we have good regulation and polices we will not see impact
That is a very nice article, thank you
Yes, nice article and if we implement the provided solutions then we can really see good results but publish awareness is so important in the Arab world
مقال مفيد يا ريت لو يتم ترجمته للغه العربيه لتعم الفائده
Thank you yes I agree Arabic translation would help. Thank you for the nice job
اذا بحب حد يترجم المقال للغة العربية ونضع اسمه انه هوه مترجم المقال بكون ممتاز
Really great article, congratulation.
Sous Massa can do better if they just follow these hints you provided.
But without the support from the public and private organizations, it would be very slow
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In the urban neighborhood known as Kosovo Village in Nairobi, Kenya, 95% of residents defecate in communal or shared facilities where untreated human waste drains directly into a nearby river. During … More
Thanks that is indeed good report
Please saw MY article "RP-1-13.pdf on MY LinkedIn profile ?
Problem Catching heavy Rains from Each Roof for Usage & Even from streets + places for Cleaning -> watering, trickling underground !
So Destructive power & floods Of Heavy Rains Are minimized !
Human Facies Must Be separated from Urins -> Dry Toilets - "great" Bowls - with plant-leafs covering each Stool, Urins Shall Be separated in another bowl, for winning fertilizer - Phosphorus, "nitrogens" !
? ? ?
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Most scientific reports on climate look at changes that have occurred since the pre-industrial era, or since record-keeping began. But even looking back at the past decade, it’s clear that our w… More
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2020 is a key year for action on climate and other sustainability goals. Photo by hpgruesen/Wikimedia Commons It seems like a lifetime ago when at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, I watched more than … More
Thank you for this helpful article. I used it for my study.
thank you again
I am glad to hear that the article is useful to your article
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A recent report by the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa region, highlighted that even though the MENA region has witnessed extraordinary social and political upheaval, with women often o… More
Amazing, useful and professional article. thanks a lot
Thank you for this nice article, that is really helpful one.
women’s voices must be heard at
national and international levels if global equity is to prevail in a water-scarce world.
That is 100% true!
Good article, I think women are often the main users and managers of water resources in the arabic countries and they can play a significant role in the water issue
يا ريت لو في نسخه عربيه لتعم الفائده اكثر
مع كل الاحترام
Enabling women to have a meaningful voice in decision-making provides an opportunity to include their distinctive knowledge, diverse perspectives and experiences to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of relevant water issues and challenges and to identify a broader set of equitable solutions to those challenges.
At the national policy level, women representatives can help design more inclusive policies and raise issues that might have been otherwise neglected. Increasing the number of women in local water committees is a great first step, but women's leadership nationally and internationally would likely result in even greater benefits.
بالمختصر صديقي
• إن مشاركة المرأة في عمليات بناء السلام تعزز من قدرة صانعي السلام؛ ذلك أن النساء يمثلن الطرف الاكثر تمثلاً للواقع الاجتماعي أثناء وبعد فترة النزاع، والاكثر اطلاعا على الاحتياجات الملحة التي تطرحها ظروف الحياة غير المستقرة في ظل المعاناة التي تفرضها الحرب؛ ومن ثم تُطرح مسألة إدراج النساء في عمليات بناء السلام وتمكينهن من المشاركة في المفاوضات لتحقيق مفهوم العدالة االاجتماعية والمساواة، والتمكن من الوصول إلى نتائج وأهداف تمس الاحتياجات الفعلية المطروحة من قلب الواقع المعاش.
• تعتبــر المــرأة عنصــرا أساســيا فــي اســتخدام الميــاه وحفظهــا علــى أســاس يومــي وفــي كل أنحــاء العالــم. إن ضمــان حصــول المــرأة علــى قــدم المســاواة علــى مــوارد الميــاه والمشــاركة فــي صياغــة سياســات واســتراتيجيات الميــاه أمــر بالــغ الاهمية، حيث ان المراة أسرع استجابة مع الأزمات المتعلقة بقضايا ندرة المياه.
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Will retail investment in publicly traded water equities in the Middle East ever be a serious part of the industry? It’s a question that bears some thought, and the issue couldn’t be… More
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  These are my thoughts on the event: 1) Houston’s extreme weather is like the Cuyahoga River fires: The opening plenary brought together Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells of the Northeast Ohi… More
thanks for sharing
such a nice article
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Anyone wanting to make a profit building treatment plants faces three challenges. The first is that construction is the lion’s share of the cost of projects, and getting it wrong negates a… More
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Four years since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, UN-Water reports show the world is off track toachieve the water goal – the heart of the SDGs-, thus the same goes for al… More