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A lack of joined up thinking on water resources and utility services has led to unsustainable water systems, says Tom Scotney.   This month’s Water Leader interview with Timothy … More
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Let me first thank all the members of the MEWF.  It is really N1 portal I have ever seen for Water .  Nice and great work.  It is my first post here and I would like to ask abo… More
Good question, I believe the drinking water is good if it fit certain level of TDS Today Dissolved Solids in it. So the amount of inorganic salts (nitrates, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. I am not the best one but i hope to get more detail answer.
Also not sure if jordan tap water is safe to drink but hope to get answer from local expert.
hope this helps
Good day,
I also want to ask regarding the the RO system. Shall we use it at home ? i mean does the water that come to our home require RO systems?
Thank you if you can answer my question
Dear Naden, Dear Aymen-2, Dear Moustafa: Thanks a lot for the questions and answers. Your questions will be sent to our water quality Expert Eng. Suzan Kilani to seek her opinion.
This is Susan Kilani
Tap water in Jordan is monitored around the clock for its compliance with the national drinking water standard and yes it is safe to drink directly from the tap. The Jordanian standard is derived from the World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking Water after being tailored to the local context. Given the intermitant nature of the supply people are advised to check their house roof tanks and internal connections.
Tap water is monitored for hundreds of parameters including radionuclides while mineral water undergo less monitoring and there are many articles that consider tap water safer than the bottled water. Bottled water is not necessarily mineral water on the contrary the TDS Is taken away by RO leaving water without the essential minerals for health
The TDS level currently in the tap water of Amman is around 500 mg per litre and hardness is within the healthy limits.
I personally do not recommend having RO at home because that will strip water from the essential minerals leaving water with high affinity to dissolve anything that it comes into contact with. Human body needs the salts and minerals (cations and anions) in their natural balanced form
Just would like to thank all you
I have learned, I was thinking to install RO system but will not do that after I learned that this is not good idea.
thank you for the useful information
I would like to thank all of you. Also Dr. Hazim and eng. Susan,
I really really appreciate your answers. I am so happy to see that I got answer so quickly. That is really great place.
I will invite all my friend to use such nice and useful portal.
Thanks again for your efforts
Thanks for such useful question and answer I also decided not to install RO system in Jordan
Good evening every one,
I am new in this wonderful forum and really happy that we have such useful forum in our arabic countries. I came back to Palestine from the USA for holidays and found out that most of people are using RO system. I am not sure maybe here in Palestine we need such system! Just in case any one can say something about wether we need RO System in Palestine then this is would be really appreciated. I have shared this article into my facebook so also people get to know wether they need it or not in Palestine.
Thank you
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I have just arrived back from World Water Week, held every year in Stockholm. As one of the main focal points for global water issues, there was a lot to discuss. Here is what I took away from the eve… More
thank you Christopher for an amazing useful article
Thanks for sharing the summary of such important event
That is very interesting and if they will really change such poor policies then we can say, yes we are in the right direction.

An average of 56% of subsidies are captured by the wealthiest 20% of the population while a mere 6% is captured by the poorest 20%. This is going to lead to some big changes in policy.

I hope we will see changes in the near future, let us see...
Thank you Susan-Muller: I agree with you and would like to add, if we keep pressing then we will make the change
Nice and great decision.
Hope we see improvement in the neat future.
thank you for sharing the overview
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In many countries of the Middle East, there are still inadequate capacities concerning the treatment and reuse of wastewater, despite water scarcity and the existing demand in agriculture. In Le… More
thanks Dr. Armin for sharing such important project. I would appreciate sharing the results on the forum. good luck
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Water from a Stone: Jordanians Stretch Meager Resources to Sustain Syrian Refugees By Kathy Sullivan Zaatari village lies just south of Jordan’s border with Syria, where small villages are… More
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Journal Paper by Raya A. Al-Masri, Jonathan Chenoweth, and Richard J. Murphy Environmental Science and Policy, Volume 100, October 2019, Pages 192-204   ABSTRACT The Water-Energy Nex… More
Well done Raya, this is the kind of research we would like to see in the ME. Actually we are among the least regions when it comes to research related to Water-Energy and Food Nexus.
That is a very useful paper, I am doing research in Nexus and found very nice publication in the MEWF. Thank you for your contribution.
Thanks Yousef. Would love to read more about your research on the nexus, hopefully through your contribution to the MEWF.
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Decentralised Wastewater Management for Adaptation to Climate Change in Jordan (ACC-Project)  1.0 Introduction  The Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) in close cooperation… More
Thanks for sharing such nice paper.
This is really a very strong study. Thank for the German government for helping our country.
They are honest and the best partners that our government should work with.
Thank you guys for sharing this paper. Honestly when i see this forum and the publications I see that we are going high and high.
This the kind of technologies we need to combat climate change. Thanks to the orgnizatoins and teams who prepared such an important study
GIZ is the best, they are working hard to help us
thank you GIZ.
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Both the public and the private sectors face challenges accessing capital and financing for climate resilience projects, as well as justifying the upfront costs. The term “resilient” refer… More
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The debate on regulatory issues in the telecommunications and energy sector has started in Lebanon, but instead of residing in economy, it took a political turn. Regulation cannot accomplish anything … More
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It has become indisputable that the current volume of international migration is unprecedented, increasing, and with prpfound, global humanitarian imact.  Please click here to view or dow… More
Amazing article! In particular the impact on fragile economies like Jordan and Lebanon
Such a nice study i really enjoyed reading It.
This Forum is amazing!!!
Thanks for all the work.
Nice article,
I am really so impressed to see such system in the middle east. I have seen a lot of forums and websites. But to be honest and I hope the management team allow me to say this: This is NUMBER ONE, this is the best system I have ever seen. I hope I can support you guys and contribute in my field and experiences. Thank you for the nice work.
Ahmed Almasri
Dear Ahmed: Thanks for the nice words. We are trying to contact you through your hotmail but it comes back. please provide us with another email adrress if possible: Info@mewf.de