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Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser
Published: 26th June 2022
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Published: 5th March 2022
Published: 18th February 2022
Mainstreaming Urban Resilence in MENA Region. The World Bank Approach by Dr Samah Wahba, Global Director Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilence and Land Global Practice, The World Bank. Dr Samah Wahba delivered this speact at the special session on Urban Water Security, Arab Sustainable Developemnt Week Cairo, February 14, 2022
Published: 30th October 2021
In the 1st Round of negotiations, the Parties voluntarily came to the negotiating table. With a neutral facilitator, they put forward their positions on their water needs from the transboundary system - an inter-connected river-aquifer. They stated their preference for the way ahead - one Party proposed an MoU, the other Party preferred a more formal treaty form of agreement. Both Parties stated t…
Published: 19th September 2021
This webinar is a simulation of negotiations between two ‘countries’ over their transboundary river-aquifer system. The simulation is carried out by highly qualified lawyers and hydrologists, drawing on their knowledge on transboundary water resources and international water law. The Issue: The upstream country (Hilli’stan) wishes to draw on the resources in …
Published: 24th March 2021
ورشة جمعية الكويت للمياه بمناسبة يوم المياه العالمي تحت عنوان تثمين المياه