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Application of Silvertex® For Emergency Water Supply
Published: 26th February 2019

Water preservation1 with silvertex® in fresh water tanks for stationary and mobile supply of water in crisis areas, after disasters or areas where a secure water supply is not given.

Not all people have secure access to drinking water. Especially after a disaster or in crisis areas, it is necessary to provide people with water as quickly as possible, because water pipes are often destroyed or the water was contaminated. This supply is provided by mobile or stationary emergency water supply in tanks.
In the interior of these often not airtight systems settle harmful germs, which find in the humid interior of the tanks an optimal breeding ground.
In order to keep the water germ-free, it has to be disinfected by a staff with a high energy and chemical expense. This process is not only time-consuming and expensive, it also consumes resources that are needed elsewhere.

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