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Founder: Dr. Hazim El-Naser
IDA 2020 International Water Reuse and Recycling Conference from 28-30 September, Rome, Italy
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This September, IDA will host the third IDA International Water Reuse & Recycling Conference, “Making Every Drop Count,” in

Rome, Italy. The two-day event will feature oral presentations on a variety of technical topics, a series of panel discussions from key sector

experts, an awards ceremony recognizing best practices, and a plethora of networking opportunities. IDA is currently accepting extended abstracts from experts in the public and private sectors, with submissions to be sent here

and inquiries addressed to papers@idadesal.org. Abstract submissions are accepted until May 15, 2020. 

For more information on sponsorship opportunities view here.

More information on IDA’s WRR Conference is available at wrr.idadesal.org.